суббота, 25 мая 2013 г.

Philip GLADSTONE - пополнение коллекции [2]

The recurrent pose

Flandrin Pose (left) / Love Me (right)

Seated Nude Male (left) / Seated Nude Man (right)

Aftermath (left) / Kneeling Male Nude - Please (center) / Male Nude Trunk (right)

Afterward (left) / Pensive Male Nude (right)

Standing Male Nude (left) / Kneeling Male Nude (center) / Seekers (right)

Aged Vincent (left) / Below Stairs (center left) / Evensong (center right) / Fear Kicker (right)

Meltdown (left) / Nowhere (center) / Out Order (right)

Wishing Make So (left) / Boy Broken Heart (right)

American Dream (left) / Hobbledehoy (right)

Peace Love War (left) / Reluctant Muse (right)

Never Cry Moon (left) / Empty Cage (right)

Markdowns (left) / Sixty Seven Cents (right)

Durers Hair (left) / Lesson (right)

Secrets Clues (left) / Summer NYC (right)

The Queue (left) / Summer Runaway (right)

Thunder Bolt (left) / Travelers (right)

No Regret (left) / Watercolorist (right)

Thomas EAKINS - Students Pose (left) / Full Sail (right)

Triptych, 2007 (left) / ??? (right)


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