суббота, 29 марта 2014 г.

ArtiMarkZ — пополнение коллекции

От всей души благодарю Егора — читателя моего блога, предоставившего эти замечательные рисунки ArtiMarkZ! Приглашаю всех посмотреть! Наслаждайтесь!

                                                                                                           Portfolio (right)

Sleepless Night (left) / Privilege (right)

Stay by me (above) / Orpheus (right)

Mediterraneo (left) / Red Roses (right)

High Rise (left) / Taking a Breath (right)

After the Rain

Rendez-vous at Sunset (left) / Second Rendez-vous (center) / Holding On (right)

Opening My Eyes (left) / Your Good Name (right)

Zodiac — Pisces (left) / Wishful Thinking (center) / Young Heart (right)

No More Words (left) / Afterglow (center) / Spellbound (right)

The Space Between (left) / My Secret Garden (center) / Promise (right)

Love's Source (left) / Strenghten (center) / Chains of Love (right)

Think (left) / Glare of Memory (right)

Ancient Pleasures (above) / Sublime Insight (right)

Gilded Instant (left) / Labyrinth (right)

Delicious Interlude (left) / Time Traveller (right)

Cascade (left) / Heartfetlover (center) / A Few More Moment (right)

Pure Love (left) / Longing Truth (right)

Dyonisus (left) / Graceful Day (right)

Velvet Realm (left) / Tantalizing (right)

Passing Storm (left) / Spartacus (center) / Spartacus sketch (right)

Shiny Beauty (left) / Fancy Lush (right)

Aries (left) / The Favourite (center) / Backyard Ritual (right)

Peacock Dream (left) / Scent of Passion (right)

Path of Love (left) / Serendipity (right)

Breathing Space (above) / Prey for Hunter (right)

Spread Fondness (left) / Poison Arrow (right)

Zephirus (left) / Love Hunter (right)

Dusk Whisper (above) / Hermes (right)

Wishing Love - part 1 (left) / Serenade (right)

Douse My Fire (left) / Heracles (center) / Medusa's Power (right)

Daydreaming (left) / Taming Pegasus (right)

Prometheus (left) / Hyacinth (right)

Antinous (above) / Riddle of the Sphinx (right)

The Argonauts - Hylas (above) / Mercurius (right)

The Glorious Achilles

The Brave Patroclus

The Choise of Hercules (left) / Castor and Pollux (right)

Emperor Hadrian (left) / Ganymede (right)

Parnassus (left) / Nisus and Euryalus (right)

Seductive Melody (left) / Heracles Wounded by Eros (center) / Alexander and Hephaestion (right)

Pelops (left) / Hypnos and Endymion (center) / David Defeat Goliath (right)

Cyparisus (left) / Achilles and Patroclus (center) / Spartacus Rising (right)

Inspiring Apollo (left) / Adonis (right)

Olympian Gymnast (left) / Olympian Torch-Bearer (center) / General Hephaestion (right)

Daybreak (left) / The Enthralled Angel (right)

Reverie (above) / Expectation (right)

Solace (above) / Radiance of the Hero (right)

Vernal Glimpse (left) / Dauntless Love (center) / Daphnis (right)

Angel's Touch (above) / Ride in the Wind (right)

Youth (left) / Dreamy Lad (center) / Taste of Life (right)

Blissful (left) / Enchanted Angel (right)